Here’s what some of our customers are saying about JDM Connection Inc.

Going through Will @ JDM connection was a no brainer to begin with, and was a choice that will continue to pay dividends throughout my ownership of my MR2. Will was patient, knowledgeable, and above all – honest about every aspect of my car purchase. There was not a single hiccup throughout the process, and the vehicle far surpassed my expectations both mechanically and aesthetically. Will strived to find me the vehicle I desired, and achieved, yet again. Will isn’t on the top of my list of suggested importers, he is the list.

Clyson McWilliams, Edmonton, Alberta

I was initially skeptical about buying a car from auction without ever seeing it in person. With the help of William at JDM Connection my concerns quickly subsided. He sent me auction listing daily of only the cars he knew would fit my specific criteria. Once we found the car that was right for me, he guided me through the entire process step by step. I was beyond impressed when my car arrived. The condition of the car far exceeded my expectations, both cosmetic and mechanic.

Selecting and purchasing my R33 from JDM Connection was very easy and there were no headaches involved in the entire process. I was looking for a skyline in great shape with exceptionally low kilometres on the engine. William was very patient in emailing me pictures of very nice R33s until I found the one one I wanted. Once the car arrived, I was not disappointed in any way shape or form and the car was exactly how William said it would be, in very good condition. Living in ontario, the laws concerning RHD cars are difficult to deal with but after calling William he helped me through the process of registering the vehicle. I would recommend JDM Connection to anyone considering the purchase of a JDM car. The value for your dollar is unrivaled.

– Todd Woods, Ottawa, Ontario

I looked around the site, noticing the supras posted were in my price range. Gave William a email and it went from there. I was very weary about the whole thing but William made it clear on the whole process over and over again as well as the bundle of questions I had in each email. I had too many emails to count, but William was there to reply honestly, friendly, and very quickly. He had sent many different supra’s but I was very picky as to what I wanted. William was very patient and worked hard to find me the perfect car.
When I finally recieved the car I had chosen, I was shocked as to how amazing the car was. The process was very simple and explained well. I was informed what to do every step of the way. I highly recommend William at JDM Connection for anyone wanting to get their perfect import. Thanks William.
– Dylan Rorison, Vancouver, BC


Importing through jdmconnections was probably as easy as it gets. It took a little bit of time to find a car that met my standards but. after picking out of the many Will had me choose from i brought home a mint ‘92 180sx. I couldnt be happier with my experience importing through Will or with the car.

Kody Witt, Edmonton, Alberta

Originally I was recommended to deal with Will about importing a car for myself. I was a bit leery but as soon as I met with him I knew he was a man of his word. Then it was down to finding the car I had wanted, the day i went to put the hold down it was sold the night before. Will went ahead and searched for a few more choices for me since I had missed out on that one. Sure enough I decided on one which in turn was better than I had expected. The car came within the 2 month period promised, and up to expectations, all cleaned up and ready to go. He had actually given me a set of booster cables, haha. The battery wasn’t holding charge, turned out to be ok after some driving. I keep them in the car just in case. Customer service is by far outstanding, E-mails, phone calls, all were responded to immediately or within 24hours which was great. Any concerns you have aren’t dragged out over days or left behind. Will has always done his best to get you anything you need or point you in the right direction. Recently my Father had purchased an MR2, again astonishing service. Even had some troubles with the car, Will had given us a few shops he recommended and the car was back up to shape in no time. I have as well ordered some parts for my car which are on their way now.

I will always recommend JDM Connection to all others I talk to anyone interested in purchasing, or even just finding parts for import cars.

-Steve Giordano Edmonton, Alberta

I searched for six months for an importer before I purchased my 1992 Efini RX7 through William. I could have saved money going through the process on my own but William’s reputation for excellent customer service convinced me to call him. He responded to every one of my questions in less than 24 hours and made the process of buying a car unseen very relaxed. The vehicle arrived during late June 2008 and was in excellent shape for a 15+ year car. Even people who doubted my purchase commended me once they viewed the vehicle in person. William only sources the highest quality and I have already recommended JDM Connection to others. He is a true professional and I will continue to stay in contact with JDM Connection for my JDM needs.

-Tim Gill, Edmonton, Alberta.

I was alittle afraid of importing after hearing horror stories about the process, and hidden fee’s people were adding on. I contacted a few people and Will was the first to respond. He sent me an email about the cost of importing fee’s and told me flat out how much everything was. I was surprised. He didn’t hide anything. He gained alot of trust. I was importing a Skyline and was very paticular about what i wanted. He sent a couple they had in the Japan Fleet, and showed me the auction page. Telling me if I found anything, attach it to an email and he’ll work his magic. At one point, he told me he was going out of town for the week and if anything popped up, call him and he would deal with it ASAP. I was blown away.

Then came an email that changed it all. After a few weeks of looking through a million Skylines, He sent me an auction page of my Fairlady Z. I loved it instantly. And never looked back. I had it in no time. Even helped me arrange to pick it up while he was on christmas holidays. Always pointed me in the right direction. Even helped arrange the Out Of Province Inspection. But most of all, I gained a good friend. I’ve past out over 30 business cards and told hundred’s of people about the site. He never let down, and I enjoyed doing business with him. My next import will be through him without a doubt.

Adam Hancock, Fort McMurray, Ab.

To put it simply and absolutely, William & JDM Connection are the image in which all importers should be striving to parallel. He’s customer service is paramount and the dilligence of his product quality is second to none. Anyone with any doubts about the industry’s moral validity should seek out JDM connection.”

– Chris Paradis, Red Deer, Alberta

“I have imported a total of 5 vehicles through William now, ranging from sports cars down to kei cars. I have never been disapointed with the service he provides, he is an honest person and very professional in everything he does. He is very knowledgable about the importing process, and also about many of the importable vehicles available out of Japan, including the kei vehicles. He is always very easy to get ahold of on the phone or by email, and he usually replys to any email within the hour, and with 24hrs at the latest. He was also very patient while i was sourcing each one of my cars, as i was quite particular of what i wanted on many occasions, and everytime i got exactly what i wanted, and usually in better condition then i was expecting. He also has been a very big help on many occasions when it came to some of my past and present imported vehicles.I Highly recommend to anyone looking to import a vehicle from oversea’s to go with William @ Jdm Connection. I assure you, you will get nothing short of truely exceptional service through him. He is one of the few that still does it the right way everytime, and he will never let you down. I will also very likely be importing yet another vehicle from him in the near future.”

– Curtis Thompson, Edmonton, Alberta

“I had previously owned 3 Mitsubishi 4×4s, but was always enamoured with the idea of owning a JDM diesel model. When the genII model came out, I began to search for a way to import my dream vehicle. I made several inquiries with both local firms and overseas agents, but always came away with a feeling of uneasiness in handing over my money, sight unseen. Finally I found jdmconnection on the internet, and positive things began to happen. William asked for my number, and called me right away. We discussed what I was looking for, the current state of the market, and he followed up all my questions with specific emails, as soon as he had the information I was looking for.After I had arranged payment, he began sending me potential choices, with his own comments attached, drawn from both experience and his overseas contacts. Within two weeks we had found a cherry example of what I was looking for, and after some persistence with his overseas contact, secured it within my budget. The spring of 2006 was particularly difficult for RORO shipments, and after getting bumped two months in a row, William was able to secure a container shipment, was very helpful with the paperwork and the shipping from Vancouver, and I was finally able to drive my JDM on Canadian soil.”Since this time, I have sent at least four other folks to JDM connection, and they have all had positive experiences. Driving a JDM vehicle generates lots of questions, so I now carry a stack of William’s business cards in my glovebox… I guess you could say he comes highly recommended!
Phil Hansford, Airdrie, Alberta: 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero XRII TDi, with 35k original kms
“I bought a 1991 Toyota Soarer from Will last October. After talking to most of the importers in the city, I settled on Will because he was both knowledgeable and honest – he wasn’t out to make a buck at my expense. Instead, he helped me understand what a realistic budget was for the type of car I wanted.I ended up buying the Soarer, and haven’t had any trouble with it at all. Throughout the entire process Will and I were in constant contact until my decision, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with his availability and diligence.In fact, I still drop by to hang out every so often; Will is a genuinely good person and is very personable. I still have the jdmconnection sticker on my car because I believe he is the one man to trust to bring in your car.”- Sean Fair, Stony Plain, Alberta

“When I think of the perfect, smooth sailing business transaction one name comes to mind…. William at JDM Connection! Really honest, helpful and overall great guy….. Helped me search for the better part of 2-3 months to find just the right car. Never a lack of enthusiasm or faulter in determination. Helped me track down some basic mantainence pieces and also replaced a part that was damaged. This was when skylines were a new thing and parts were hard to get a hold of. I have since moved on from the skyline……But I will never forget my experience with JDM Connection!”
– Tyson Baldrey, Lethbridge, Alberta

“William at JDM Connection is a very honest and dedicated individual. He was committed to finding the dream car that I wanted. I could always get a hold of him no matter where he was or what he was doing and I appreciated that a lot. He was very straight forward with me and gave me all the information I needed to know about purchasing a car overseas. I’m extremely happy with the car and the entire process howhow everything turned out. I would definitely purchase another car again!”
– G.F., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“My experience with JDMconnection was a good one, got me a nice car without having to deal with any red tape or government. William always helped me out whenever I had questions and was patient with me through the whole ordeal. all emails were answered within 24 hours at the very most whether it was an, “got your email I’ll check on that”, or just a straight answer. I was pleased with you guys and if I were to import another vehicle I would probably go through you again.”
– Chris, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“William gave such a good service for both car I purchase. Everything went smooth, always got quick response and all my question were always answered. Be sure I’ll be back if the need come again for a JDM car!”
– Nick Langlois, Cantley, Quebec

“William was nothing short of exceptional and professional in his services and turned a skeptic about importing into a more than pleased customer, the wait was all worth it to have my MR2.”
– Amjad, Edmonton, Alberta

“I bought a ‘92 Mazda Rx-7 from William at JDM connection. I was happy with the service that he gave me. I was EXTREMELY picky about what the mileage and condition of the car, and William was more then accommodating. He was very patient with me as I turned down about 40 cars before I finally found the one I bought. William Understands that the rx7 specifically has some issues with reliability (namely its rotary engine), and was very helpful with the piece of mind that the condition of the engine would be good when the car arrived in Canada…Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I have a car that in Canada would cost around $25-30,000 for UNDER $15,000! I personally like the fact that I have a Japanese super car that is actually FROM Japan! How can you get more authentic!?!?All I have to say is thanks William!”
– Jeffrey Hoy, Vernon, BC

“I bought a ‘90 Eunos Roadster off of William in June/July of ‘06. His replies to my questions were quick, informative and left me with no lingering questions. He arranged to have a mechanic correct a minor problem before I purchased the vehicle the same day I requested the work to be done. Everything from details for transfer of funds to transporting the vehicle to where I wanted it was done professionally and done in a very reasonable time (my car came ahead of schedule, actually). I’ll be purchasing my next vehicle through William as his service is exceptional and his prices are very competitive.”
– Jon McKim, Stonewall, Manitoba

“My experiences with William @jdm connection have been very positive. I have brought in 2 vehicles now and both have exceeded my expectations. One thing I have appreciated is when looking for the right vehicle, Williams experience and knowledge was a great asset to help me find it. I will bring in more vehicles in the future and have no problem in recomending William and jdm to anyone.”
– J Dorsey, Ardrossan, Alberta

“William all I have to say is Thank You! I was looking for a Japanese dream car and you gave it to me without the hassle of trying to find it myself, your service was very prompt and informative and you had answers to every one of my questions, even though at times I did have VERY many questions. I am very pleased with JDM Connection and the service I received. I am currently in the process of looking for another vehicle to import because I continue to believe that JDM Connection is one of the best in the business and you won’t receive anything less than exceptional service!!”
– Eric Foulam, Calgary, Alberta


“I decided to go with JDM Connections after getting poor service from a company in Calgary. The customer service I received from William was great. If / when I buy my next JDM vehicle, I will use JDM Connection.”
– S.H, Calgary, Alberta

“I was introduced to JDM Connection from a person who dealt with Will a few years ago. Upon learning I was able to import my dream car, an R32 Nissan Skyline, I worked hard to get it. When the time came to bid on it at the auction, I could barely sleep thinking about the results. With Will helping me all the way, the process was a cake walk. Finding out that the car was mine the next day, I couldn’t believe that I finally owned a Skyline after all the years of dreaming of one. It wasn’t until the day I went to pick it up from the wharves when the reality sank in.”The next vehicle I source will definately be from Will and JDM!
-Michael Abi Daoud, Vancouver, BC

“Never have I bought a car unseen little alone ever buying one over seas. To be honest, I was a little hesitant in going through this process.JDM made this experience a good one. They were very professional through the whole process. No surprises….they did all the checks on the veichle I requested plus more!!! I knew about ever little dent or scratch that was on the car ,so when it arrived I knew the exact shape it was in.JDM kept me updated on the shipping process…letting me know where the veichle was at …..at all times. I would strongly recommend JDM to anybody looking to buy a veichle over seas….as I myself will be buying my next veichle through them again.”
– Darren Liski, Regina, Saskatchewan

What can be said about JDM Connection and William, other than there is no doubt in my mind that they are the best at importing Cars from Japan Canada. Without qualification, the word “best” is a throwaway word that we hear often. A flooded market of importers and exporters prompts me to define further this term, and share my experiences with JDM Connection, as it was the testimonials that ultimately helped me originally make up my mind to take the plunge and embark on a hobby I thought I could only dream about. I have been meaning to give this account for about 8 months or so, but I can’t procrastinate any further – I’ve been seeing/hearing of poor quality cars and ripoff importers, and this needs to stop – you need to see William if you’re considering importing. Period.
“Importing my GTO through JDM was a great experience. I thought it would be complicated but JDM took care of everything for me and kept me up to date on the progress. William was a big help and answered all of my questions thoroughly and promptly. I felt he did everything he could to help get my car to me even when unexpected setbacks arose. Thanks a bunch JDM!”
– Garrett Webb, Calgary, Alberta

“Buying from jdm was very easy thanks to Will , his e-mail responses were very quick. It was well worth the wait for my 300 , all the information that was givin about the car was very accurate and when I got the car it was actually better than what I thought would be. Ill be sure to buy again from jdmconnection.”
– Trent Thurston, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

“I’ve heard many bad things about import companies but the only thing I ever heard about JDM Connection and William was good things. He handles the company in a professional way but at the same time cares about and looks after the customer the right way. I couldn’t believe how fast the e-mails I sent to him were returned and how knowledgeable he was about everything I asked. I recommend him to anyone who is even considering importing a car. As well if I decide to import another car, I guarantee that I will go through William again. Thank you William!”
– Tyrel Bauer, Spruce Grove, Alberta

After searching around the web for an importing site for a few months I had been recommended by the Western Subaru Club to check out Williamat JDM connection and see what he had to offer. When i looked at Williams stock there she was. A gorgeous 96 V-Limited Subaru WRX in mint condition number 188 out of 1000! I couldn’t resist! I lucked out since it was already on its way from Japan! William assured me the car would look just as it did in the pictures and that it would be in great shape. When it arrived in edmonton i came down the next day from way up north i was so excited and even on short notice William had the car ready to go! The best part about dealing with JDM Connections is William genuinely cares about his customers and the quality of his cars. He maintains the highest level of communication at all times though email and phone replying within 15 minutes. His top notch reliability, and ease of business made my purchase a no brainer and im EXTREMELY happy with my purchase! I love my suby and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thanks again William i cant tell you how much i appreciate everything you’ve done.
– Jordan Archer, Grimshaw, Alberta

Let me start off by saying what a pleasant experience I had importing my car through William. My journey starts off when I wanted to purchase a 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX off of a friend of mine, needless to say that deal fell through and I was left looking for cars on Kijiji and the Auto Trader. Day in day out I looked for something that would slightly match the criteria that I was imposing on the vehicle I was potentially buying(any of which would have been at an inflated price compared to importing myself). One day I was talking to my same friend that I wanted to buy the ’93 WRX off of and he suggested importing a car myself. After looking at a few other importers websites I saw a car in the “Japan Stock” section on JDMconnections’ website. At first I was a little weary of the whole process and had a ton of questions about the process until I finally mustered up the courage to make contact with William. All of the questions that I had were soon answered, questions such as : are there actually no hidden costs? How long does the process take? What if I want specifics on a car? At this point I would like to mention that if you have any questions about the process I would suggest emailing William who was always more than happy to answer any questions that I had and I guarantee he will show you the same courtesy. After contacting William he suggested that I give him a list what kind of things I wanted on the car, what car and what my budget was. At first I was only looking for a WRX but then started looking for a low mileage, un-modified 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STi VER II (in silver or white). Going back and counting the number of vehicles that William showed me fitting my budget, I count 25 different vehicles that I turned down before I found the one I ended up with. Throughout this process I felt bad but William assured me that he was as patient as I was if it would mean finding a vehicle that I was completely happy with. Then came the 26th vehicle. This vehicle was just like I was looking for except for one thing, the rims. The rims on this car were old and different colored and William helped me find new rims and winter tires before it departed Japan. I was able to get the car for slightly under my budget and after a seemingly long wait for the car(I was very excited) it arrived. What can I say, it was more beautiful then I had ever imagined it would be and I am very happy with the outcome of my experience with William. If you are on the fence about importing, I say do it. You will get a quality car at a lower price than buying it from someone who imported it themselves. If you do decide to import I think that it would be a mistake doing so with anyone other than William. William is one of the most patient and understanding salespersons I have ever dealt with. Never have I had someone who strove for higher customer satisfaction then William. Throughout the import process of this one car, I have 130+ emails from William in my JDMconnection folder, all of which were answered in a very timely manner. I definitely have plans to import another vehicle from Japan and I will not do so with anyone but William (can’t wait until the version 6’s are available for import). Thank you William for your patience and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Travis Perkins, Slave Lake Alberta, 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX Ver II STi.

Importing a car from Japan through William at JDM Connection was one of the most simpliest things ever. His quality of customer care is unbelievable, as many people have already expressed, he answers all of our questions very quickly and honestly. If your looking into importing a car you HAVE TO go through William here at JDM Connection, you will not regret it. You will get an amazing car and great service from him. William never leaves any details about the car or process out, he always described everything to me in great detail and I always felt confident in him and his abilities. I imported my first car. a 1989′ Nissan Fairlady Z 2-Seater Twin Turbo through him and couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks Will for your great service and honesty, and I will definitely be going through William at JDM Connection for my next import.

– Thomas Groth, Winnipeg, MB

“I was hesitant of buying a car sight unseen, especially one so far away….. but after talking to William and doing some research on JDM Connection i found them to be a very honest and trustworthy business, so i went ahead with it. William answered all of my questions, and boy did I have a lot, he assured me everything was going good with the process and kept me up to date. Once i got the car i realized it was well worth the wait. The quality of product that William and his team brings in (from what ive seen and experienced) is of higher caliber than some of the other import companies out there, thats for sure. If I was to get another car from Japan, i would probably go back to William. Thanks again man.”Jon, Kelowna, BC.

“I want to thank you for everything you did. My car is amazing to say the least. Also thanks for putting up with my many emails as I had no idea what I was doing. I will for sure recommend you for anyone buying a JDM vehicle.”
– James Simms, Kamloops, BC

“This will no doubt require a great deal of explanation from me, as I honestly can’t say enough positive about William, so let me sum up, in my mind, what sets William apart:
Incredible communication skills and speed.
Streamlined systems and volume.
Fair dealing and concern for the customer.
Love of cars, far as I know, most cars.
Knowledge about subject.
Experience in the industry.
Upfront costs, and inexpensive, high quality cars
I have, at this point brought in 3 cars. When I search my Gmail for “William”, I get “1 – 20 of hundreds“. I know no other William that I communicate with, certainly not by email. My first communication with William set the tone completely. When I go back in my records to my first “tire kick” I requested information on a regular, low horsepower car with KM’s under 120Km for a certain price. Within 31 minutes William had emailed back to inform me that he could do much better than that, and he certainly did. Every email or call after that was responded to very swiftly, and I never had to ask for a response. I have no idea how he does this, I just know that he does. The communication has always answered the questions that I’ve had completely as well. William is an excellent communicator.
JDMconnection has brought in many cars over the last few years, and to my knowledge is the biggest importer in Canada. The connections that William has throughout Japan have been a major benefit to my purchasing. In two instances, William was able to put bids in, and win cars for me that were passed over by many due to assumptions of other bidders, but William is very thorough. Having streamlined systems allows you to sit back and know that every aspect is being taken care of with the lowest cost to you.
William is concerned with getting you a quality car for a good price, and this shows in his comments regarding vehicles you are looking at. Prices are very open, and you know that you are paying a fee for his service, and over and above that, you’re just covering costs. An example I’ll never forget, and have used over and over was one of a car at a dealer level, which other importers have access to. This car had very specific mileage, and features, and was available through another importer at an estimated 9210.00 to Edmonton, but freight in Canada is assumed to be a tad more, so final bill would be adjusted. This very same car, William had for 5230.00 to Vancouver. This would allow you a “vacation” allowance of 3980.00 to pick up your car. What’s most amazing to me, is that the “other” importer had broken out the costs. Because Will is so forthright, much of the numbers were highly marked up, along with charges that just didn’t exist, and were invented. I’m certainly for people in business making money, but this I thought was excessive.
William obviously loves what he does, and you’ll see this through his comments about different cars, and his participation on different levels of the car scene in Canada, as well as the different styles of cars that he drives. He’s a “Car Guy”!

I found him to be quite knowledgeable regarding potential issues of certain cars, model differences, realistic budgets for certain models and what is worth your time to bring in to Canada. Everyone has a different goal that they want to achieve, and William is good at picking this out, and finding just what YOU need. For instance, some will value a powerful vehicle, or perhaps status or reliability, a certain brand, utility, gas mileage and so on. William will key in on this, and find exactly what will make you happy.

It’s obvious that JDM Connection is very experienced, and this is helpful in all aspects of your import process. Ultimately this experience allows you to capitalize on your purchasing power, giving you much more value for your money. I’ve now seen this expertise in three excellent imports, that cost me an estimated combined total of over 10,000.00 less than using other importers. And it was fun!

The costs are laid out pretty plain for you, and William has no qualms about answering questions regarding this. He’s clear that 1200.00 deposit is the money he makes off the search, and to be honest, it’s the best 1200.00 you’ll ever spend.

Take it from me, William is the real deal, an absolute pleasure to deal with, and be prepared, that once you import one car, it won’t stop. It’s addicting. I am currently able to import myself with no help, but I’ll gladly continue to fork over William’s fee to have the honor of working with him, and the security to know that I’m in good hands, and will end up with a great buy.

Shaun Tennant, Edmonton, Alberta

“William was easy to deal with, he answered my questions quickly, and explained everything I needed to know. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to purchase an imported vehicle.”
– B.W, British Columbia, Canada

When I decided a few months ago that I wanted to import a car, I had a relative idea what car I wanted. I looked up some local importers online and decided from testimonials and their faq that JDM Connection was the company for me. After emailing William and inquiring about Subarus, and the importing process in general, I learned a great deal of information and he made it crystal clear what the process would involve. Once I had decided this was the way to go, I was even able to meet William as he lived nearby. He made me feel confident about the whole process, and I begin recieving emails daily with cars fitting my personal criteria/price range. What I really liked was the fact that William’s prices include transport to Canada, so what you see is what you pay, he handles all the bidding/import fees. Within a few weeks William had found me a car that fit my specs perfectly, a 1995 WRX in the color I chose with very low km. The whole process was considerably cheaper than buying a local car with similar km and condition (mint), and was completed in three simple payments that William walks you through. In choosing my car, I probably sent William 100 emails, yet he never seemed annoyed or too bothered to answer. His replies always came within 15 minutes, even if i sent it at 9PM. A few weeks later and the car arrived in Edmonton, with William taking car of all the shipping arrangements from Vancouver. The car arrived in mint condition, exactly as it had been pictured online. William made sure to help me with any issues I had and even changed my tires for me at a very acceptable cost. The whole process from start to finish went very smoothly and I was kept updated during all parts of it. If asked whether I would do it again, I would answer a resounding yes. The value of imported cars and the performance is unmatched in price and condition. There were no hiccups in the entire process, and it is obvious that William and JDM Connection are pros when it comes to getting through customs and the process in general. Thanks a lot William, you’ve shown me the joy and pride of ownership that is importing a car.
Tom Oster, Edmonton, Alberta

When I decided to import a car my friend had sent me a link to this site. I had emailed William, and a few other importers and decided I would trust William with this process. Although it took several emails back and forth(because I was slightly scared of importing at first) in the end the process couldnt really have gotten much easier. He also took care of contacting the company to ship my car from Vancouver to Winnipeg. My car was in Japan during the earthquake, and still came out fine. After about 7 weeks wait in total, I received my car and couldnt of been happier. I have had my car for 3 weeks now and it runs strong. I absolutely love it. It was completely worth the wait, and the very low price of 6000$ I paid for. Yes, it only cost me 6000$ to buy, broker fees, ship, pay customs, and have it shipped to Winnipeg. There is no doubt I will recommend William to friends and others who ask about my car. I already have recommended him a few times. Can’t thank you enough William.
Nikola, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me in the past 3 months. There is no way I would have been able to do that on my own. The supra is fantastic and it’s so much better than I expected. I have been in love with this car since first playing gran turismo 3 on my ps2 back in 2000. For over a decade the Toyota supra has been my dream car and I’ve never imagined ever being able to have one so soon. The service and help you have given me these past months reinforce every single review I’ve read about JDM connection. In the past month driving around here so many people have come up to me asking where I got it from and I referred every person to you and your company stating how extremely satisfied i am with the purchase and our dealings, and how quickly you responded to even my smallest questions. This is the best experience I’ve ever had when buying a vehicle and if you are still around when the time comes for me to get another vehicle, JDM connection is the first company I go to. Great service is hard to come by, except for at JDM connection. And again, thank you so much for making my dream car a reality.

Cameron Trockstad, Lethbridge, Alberta

So i got the car Friday and i’m happy to say that i’m very impressed with the car all around. Everyone keeps telling me it’s one of the cleanest JDM cars the’ve seen and i have to agree. The car is very mint and the interior is in great condition and the motor and mechanically wise the whole car runs smooth as butter. Like a 42 XXX km vehicle should be . Have found a lot of goodies in the car such as a full Focal Addzest, and Audison sound system . My audio guy showed me my retail of my sound system and it nearly surpasses the amount i payed for the car and it sounds amazing. So i was happy to see that.

But anyway, thanks again for everything Will and making it an easy process . For me it was well worth the wait and money spent. I’ve already been telling everyone how great it was to deal with you and even random people asking me.

Tyler Leidal, Medicine Hat, Alberta

My name is Tim and i have bought two cars from William, Both through his easy to use site (JDMconnection.ca)

Buying my my first car (96 Subaru Impreza WRX) through him was easy and Very fast. He walked me through the processes step by step.
I received detailed pictures of my car, its condition, and flaws.
When i made up my mind to buy we set up a method of payment.

As soon as he received my payment he got the ball moving immediately!
I was receiving news about my car Via e-mail and phone call from William EVERYDAY!
After about a 3 week wait period I was notified where to pick up my car. (Which is what I did) OR he could set up transport in-land if needed!There was no way to describe the feeling of driving my new car out of the docks and back home!
Now unfortunately after having the car for three weeks i was rear-ended at a light, Needless to say i wrote my new car off.Although it was a huge loss for me i knew EXACTLY where i was getting my new car from!
When i browsed his site he didn’t have the car i wanted (another Subaru). So he told me to give him two day and he might be able to find me exactly what i wanted.The next day he presented me 3 cars that were exactly what i wanted, i chose another 96 Subaru Impreza WRX but this time in silver!

Again I made the payment and things are on the roll again, This time I’m having him setup shipment of my car in-land Instead of me picking it up.

Oh and if you need them he can hook you up with NEW TIRES!

For any one looking to buy a JDM, i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND William and his site! 10/10!

Tim Friesen, Airdrie, Alberta

I first found JDM Connection when looking around on the internet. I was getting estimate from different Canadian importers and found that William quoted lower than the rest. His process also seems much more straight forward and clear. All said and done, his estimates were very good and the vehicle even better. I was a little nervous when I was many thousands out of pocket for a vehicle I had never seen. When I went to the train yard to pick up my Terrano, I inspected it and was surprised of the condition. It was perfect! I looked under and expected at least a little rust, but it was like going to the new car lot. It runs like a top and pulls like a mule. So if you see me around Barrie on the wrong side of the car, give me a wave.When my family no longer fits in the Terrano, I will be importing a Delica, and it will be through William at JDM Connection.

James Rodrigues, Barrie Ontario

When I finally decided that I wanted to source a vehicle directly from Japan I sent emails to a few import companies in Canada. None of them got back to me, that was of course except for William at JDM connection. Not only was he the only one to respond but did so in excellent time. He explained the process to me and helped ease my initial worries about importing a car. I gave William the info on what car I desired and went from there, he explained to me the average cost and availability of the vehicle and was very helpful. William emailed me examples of the car I wanted to import for sale as well as access to the auction system at JDM connection. This made it fun as I could browse myself and let Will know of any car I was interested in.

I searched the auction site over the months looking for the right car, I wanted something in good shape with low kilometres. Throughout the process I had several questions for Will and even changed my mind on what car I wanted a few times, this was no problem. William was very patient and helpful the whole time, all of my questions were answered promptly, he was very quick to respond to my emails never keeping me waiting very long.

When I finally found the right car and successfully got it from the auction making my payment to Japan was hassle free end easy. I was lucky and even got the car under my original budget I had set. William handled all the technical stuff such as shipping and customs too, all I had to do was fax a few documents and sit and wait for my car to arrive.

I had concerns about what condition the car would actually be in once it arrived, but they were soon put to ease. The vehicle arrived and when I went down to port to retrieve it I was blown away at the shape it was in. My expectations had been exceeded ten fold, It was almost like a brand new car!

I am very happy with the service I have gotten from Will as well as with my car. I plan on using JDM connection again when the time comes for my next import for sure. I would highly recommend William and JDM connection to anyone considering importing their own vehicle from Japan, you will not be disappointed

– Kyle Roberts. Halifax, Nova Scotia

William Baird, owner of JDM connection was wonderful to deal with.
I, like most people would be, was definitely apprehensive to just give some random person a bunch of money. But I really wanted a car imported and didn’t want to pay the high cost of getting something that isn’t perfect from a person who had it imported previously.
With William I was able to be as picky as I wanted and he found me my dream car!

He immediately linked me to 2 auctions within 48 hours, so I could see the cars available. They were both perfect..
Once I told some friends that I was importing a car, they immediately had all their thoughts…
Oh you should use “these” guys or “those” guys or oh my buddy could get you one cheaper than that!
So regrettably I contacted one of the “referred” guys a friend told me to use.
Upon talking to the guy, his response was.. Are you sure those (the Mitsubishi Legnum) even come standard.. I’ve only seen a couple and I’m pretty sure they are swapped. I linked him to an auction, his response was oh, I can’t get you that one I only deal through the dealerships directly..
so after wasting time dealing with a guy that had no clue about anything about my dream car even after I sent him links to several manual transmission Legnums.
I then emailed William again, SCREW IT, I want a Legnum and I’m going to get one!
The auction timed out…. But then came back up a day later and William notified me that I needed to act quick as I was getting a second chance. He had a guy in Japan check out the vehicle to make sure it wasn’t photo shopped and was indeed a good buy.

NOW it was getting real!
The next following days I got an update of what to do next and followed his lead. Everything from him, having the guy contact me to transfer the money to pay for the car. Then he set everything else up, all the brokerage stuff and export and shipping. Once he knew the name of the boat it was going to be sailing on he gave me the name of it, I was then able to track it on marinetraffic.com!
Once it got to port it was smooth sailing through customs and shipped to Edmonton ( my choice)
even though we had a minor hiccup with the paperwork not getting to my address (customs mistake) I was still able to pick it up at Purolator.

I then drove to Edmonton and picked it up directly at the shipping yard, threw on my license plate and drove to spruce grove to meet this William fellow whom I had only spoke or texted with. Meet was brief but good and he gave me a JDM connection sticker. I then went to drive 5 hours home with absolutely no problems!

When I brought it to the Dealership to get it inspected for Out Of Province, the mechanic who is very strict said he had never seen a car in this good of shape even for the 5 year old cars. Seeing as this car is 17 years old we were expecting something, even anything to fail. He put the DRL module in and I got new wiper blades and it passed with flying colours!!
the paperwork was stamped and somehow I didn’t require a out of country inspection!

So easy peazy, went to the license center handed her the paperwork, she typed it all in and I’m now legally on the road!Lastly I will mention that in the end it still cost nearly $1000 less than the price quoted! He could have pocketed that extra money but instead William only charged me for what was needed keeping minimum for himself.

100% I recommend using William at JDM connection for any importing needs, he gets it done!

Hey there, about 4 months ago I got the keys to my dream car, a version 3 Subaru impreza wrx STI. Which I had imported through William at jdm connections. And all I can say is that I have not one single regret.JDM CONNECTIONS makes it easy and affordable to get your dream car. Unique, low kilometres and a car that one simply can’t just buy off the streets of Canada in such shape. After searching for a month on the Japanese auctions I found the car I wanted and William went to work. After a week the car was mine and on a boat. When I got the car I was amazed. After doing body work for a couple years at a professional shop I couldn’t get over how clean these cars come over. Not a flake of rust. William at Jdmconnections has made it easy to import and I’d suggest him to anyone whose looking for a sick car at a great price.
Devan Porter, Nova Scotia

“I came across jdmconnection.ca over a year ago via a google search along with some others. I was impressed by the simplicity and upfront explanation of the import process and fees, compared to other websites. I decided to give William a try after reading the testimonials. I wanted a fuel efficient 4X4 SUV, that I could use for my business, with William’s help and guidance I decided on Honda CR-V. Just that informed decision saved me thousands of dollars that I would have ended up spending on a more expensive vehicle, and now my CR-V saves me money everyday in fuel and is extremely reliable and safe due to its realtime 4wd feature in the winter. The import, inspection and registration process was painless, and whatever small hurdles I came across, William was always ready and available to guide me and get them resolved. I have waited over one year after getting my vehicle to write this. Firstly, I got what I expected out of my transaction and some more right-away. Secondly, after-sales service is at epitome of excellence here. I have contacted Will multiple times in the past 12 months and always gotten a positive and helpful response usually within minutes to solve my query about my vehicle. I can say this honestly that my CR-V is just an added benefit, the main benefit I got out of this transaction is the acquaintance I made with William Baird. I truly feel privileged to know such an honest, dedicated, knowledgeable and caring businessman. People like Will are rare in our times. William has my trust and business for life.”
Saud A. Munir – Kitscoty, AB

I had reservations about importing a vehicle knowing I would only get to view pictures. William was recommended by a 3rd party as a reputable importer. I emailed William and quickly received a response. Not only did he answer all my questions, very quickly, he also assisted me in purchasing a car that was right for me and my budget (not the original car I was inquiring about, though he did say he would be able to help with that if I so chose). William is very knowledgeable and upfront with all the information regarding the process. I would highly recommend William and JDM Connection to anyone looking to import a vehicle. The process was painless and enjoyable.
Adam Hepditch, Calgary, Alberta

Never thought I would bring a Toyota Supra 2jz-gte from Japan and get it cheaper than buying a Supra here. William was very friendly and patient throughout the entire process and the wait was worth it. The 1993 Toyota  Supra I got was unmolested, clean, no rust, and mostly stock except for HIDs and adjustable suspension.

I’ve always been leery about making large purchases online, especially if it wasn’t through a large company like Amazon or eBay. I remember browsing Jdmconnection.ca back in 2005, though I wasn’t ready to import at that time. A few months ago, after a distracted driver hit my old Supra, my buddy who also owns a Supra,  mentioned that he imported his Supra through William. I got into contact with William and two months later, I have a beautiful Supra sitting in the garage.

Thanks William.
Matt H. – Regina, Saskatchewan
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I wanted to let you know that we got the car back safely a few days ago. From my first impression, it is amazing. It has quite a few fans already; probably one of the first (if not the first) JDM cars in my town! I have a feeling that my cute little wagon is going to surprise a lot of people.
Thank you very much for helping walk me through the process. I simply couldn’t have done it myself, and am very happy with the result.
Immanuel C. – Beaverlodge, Alberta

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