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“My experiences with William JDM Connection have been very positive. I have brought in 2 vehicles now and both have exceeded my expectations. One thing I have appreciated is when looking for the right vehicle, Williams experience and knowledge was a great asset to help me find it. I will bring in more vehicles in the future and have no problem in recomending William and jdm to anyone.”

– J Dorsey, Ardrossan, Alberta

“William all I have to say is Thank You! I was looking for a Japanese dream car and you gave it to me without the hassle of trying to find it myself, your service was very prompt and informative and you had answers to every one of my questions, even though at times I did have VERY many questions. I am very pleased with JDM Connection and the service I received. I am currently in the process of looking for another vehicle to import because I continue to believe that JDM Connection is one of the best in the business and you won’t receive anything less than exceptional service!!”

– Eric Foulam, Calgary, Alberta

“I decided to go with JDM Connections after getting poor service from a company in Calgary. The customer service I received from William was great. If / when I buy my next JDM vehicle, I will use JDM Connection.”

– S.H, Calgary, Alberta

“I was introduced to JDM Connection from a person who dealt with Will a few years ago. Upon learning I was able to import my dream car, an R32 Nissan Skyline, I worked hard to get it. When the time came to bid on it at the auction, I could barely sleep thinking about the results. With Will helping me all the way, the process was a cake walk. Finding out that the car was mine the next day, I couldn’t believe that I finally owned a Skyline after all the years of dreaming of one. It wasn’t until the day I went to pick it up from the wharves when the reality sank in.”The next vehicle I source will definately be from Will and JDM!

– Michael Abi Daoud, Vancouver, BC

“Never have I bought a car unseen little alone ever buying one over seas. To be honest, I was a little hesitant in going through this process.JDM made this experience a good one. They were very professional through the whole process. No surprises….they did all the checks on the veichle I requested plus more!!! I knew about ever little dent or scratch that was on the car ,so when it arrived I knew the exact shape it was in.JDM kept me updated on the shipping process…letting me know where the veichle was at … all times. I would strongly recommend JDM to anybody looking to buy a veichle over seas….as I myself will be buying my next veichle through them again.”

– Darren Liski, Regina, Saskatchewan

What can be said about JDM Connection and William, other than there is no doubt in my mind that they are the best at importing Cars from Japan Canada. Without qualification, the word “best” is a throwaway word that we hear often. A flooded market of importers and exporters prompts me to define further this term, and share my experiences with JDM Connection, as it was the testimonials that ultimately helped me originally make up my mind to take the plunge and embark on a hobby I thought I could only dream about. I have been meaning to give this account for about 8 months or so, but I can’t procrastinate any further – I’ve been seeing/hearing of poor quality cars and ripoff importers, and this needs to stop – you need to see William if you’re considering importing. Period.

“Importing my GTO through JDM was a great experience. I thought it would be complicated but JDM took care of everything for me and kept me up to date on the progress. William was a big help and answered all of my questions thoroughly and promptly. I felt he did everything he could to help get my car to me even when unexpected setbacks arose. Thanks a bunch JDM!”

– Garrett Webb, Calgary, Alberta

“Buying from jdm was very easy thanks to Will , his e-mail responses were very quick. It was well worth the wait for my 300 , all the information that was givin about the car was very accurate and when I got the car it was actually better than what I thought would be. Ill be sure to buy again from JDM Connection.”

– Trent Thurston, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

“Let me start off by saying what a pleasant experience I had importing my car through William. My journey starts off when I wanted to purchase a 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX off of a friend of mine, needless to say that deal fell through and I was left looking for cars on Kijiji and the Auto Trader. Day in day out I looked for something that would slightly match the criteria that I was imposing on the vehicle I was potentially buying(any of which would have been at an inflated price compared to importing myself). One day I was talking to my same friend that I wanted to buy the ’93 WRX off of and he suggested importing a car myself. After looking at a few other importers websites I saw a car in the “Japan Stock” section on JDMconnections’ website. At first I was a little weary of the whole process and had a ton of questions about the process until I finally mustered up the courage to make contact with William. All of the questions that I had were soon answered, questions such as : are there actually no hidden costs? How long does the process take? What if I want specifics on a car? At this point I would like to mention that if you have any questions about the process I would suggest emailing William who was always more than happy to answer any questions that I had and I guarantee he will show you the same courtesy. After contacting William he suggested that I give him a list what kind of things I wanted on the car, what car and what my budget was. At first I was only looking for a WRX but then started looking for a low mileage, un-modified 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STi VER II (in silver or white). Going back and counting the number of vehicles that William showed me fitting my budget, I count 25 different vehicles that I turned down before I found the one I ended up with. Throughout this process I felt bad but William assured me that he was as patient as I was if it would mean finding a vehicle that I was completely happy with. Then came the 26th vehicle. This vehicle was just like I was looking for except for one thing, the rims. The rims on this car were old and different colored and William helped me find new rims and winter tires before it departed Japan. I was able to get the car for slightly under my budget and after a seemingly long wait for the car(I was very excited) it arrived. What can I say, it was more beautiful then I had ever imagined it would be and I am very happy with the outcome of my experience with William. If you are on the fence about importing, I say do it. You will get a quality car at a lower price than buying it from someone who imported it themselves. If you do decide to import I think that it would be a mistake doing so with anyone other than William. William is one of the most patient and understanding salespersons I have ever dealt with. Never have I had someone who strove for higher customer satisfaction then William. Throughout the import process of this one car, I have 130+ emails from William in my JDM Connection folder, all of which were answered in a very timely manner. I definitely have plans to import another vehicle from Japan and I will not do so with anyone but William (can’t wait until the version 6’s are available for import). Thank you William for your patience and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.”

– Travis Perkins, Slave Lake Alberta, 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX Ver II STi.

“Importing a car from Japan through William at JDM Connection was one of the most simpliest things ever. His quality of customer care is unbelievable, as many people have already expressed, he answers all of our questions very quickly and honestly. If your looking into importing a car you HAVE TO go through William here at JDM Connection, you will not regret it. You will get an amazing car and great service from him. William never leaves any details about the car or process out, he always described everything to me in great detail and I always felt confident in him and his abilities. I imported my first car. a 1989′ Nissan Fairlady Z 2-Seater Twin Turbo through him and couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks Will for your great service and honesty, and I will definitely be going through William at JDM Connection for my next import.”

– Thomas Groth, Winnipeg, MB

“I was hesitant of buying a car sight unseen, especially one so far away….. but after talking to William and doing some research on JDM Connection i found them to be a very honest and trustworthy business, so i went ahead with it. William answered all of my questions, and boy did I have a lot, he assured me everything was going good with the process and kept me up to date. Once i got the car i realized it was well worth the wait. The quality of product that William and his team brings in (from what ive seen and experienced) is of higher caliber than some of the other import companies out there, thats for sure. If I was to get another car from Japan, i would probably go back to William. Thanks again man.”

– Jon, Kelowna, BC

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