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“I bought a 1991 Toyota Soarer from Will last October. After talking to most of the importers in the city, I settled on Will because he was both knowledgeable and honest – he wasn’t out to make a buck at my expense. Instead, he helped me understand what a realistic budget was for the type of car I wanted.I ended up buying the Soarer, and haven’t had any trouble with it at all. Throughout the entire process Will and I were in constant contact until my decision, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with his availability and diligence.In fact, I still drop by to hang out every so often; Will is a genuinely good person and is very personable. I still have the JDM Connection sticker on my car because I believe he is the one man to trust to bring in your car.”

– Sean Fair, Stony Plain, Alberta

“When I think of the perfect, smooth sailing business transaction one name comes to mind…. William at JDM Connection! Really honest, helpful and overall great guy….. Helped me search for the better part of 2-3 months to find just the right car. Never a lack of enthusiasm or faulter in determination. Helped me track down some basic mantainence pieces and also replaced a part that was damaged. This was when skylines were a new thing and parts were hard to get a hold of. I have since moved on from the skyline……But I will never forget my experience with JDM Connection!”

– Tyson Baldrey, Lethbridge, Alberta

“William at JDM Connection is a very honest and dedicated individual. He was committed to finding the dream car that I wanted. I could always get a hold of him no matter where he was or what he was doing and I appreciated that a lot. He was very straight forward with me and gave me all the information I needed to know about purchasing a car overseas. I’m extremely happy with the car and the entire process howhow everything turned out. I would definitely purchase another car again!”

– G.F., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“My experience with JDM Connection was a good one, got me a nice car without having to deal with any red tape or government. William always helped me out whenever I had questions and was patient with me through the whole ordeal. all emails were answered within 24 hours at the very most whether it was an, “got your email I’ll check on that”, or just a straight answer. I was pleased with you guys and if I were to import another vehicle I would probably go through you again.”

– Chris, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“William gave such a good service for both car I purchase. Everything went smooth, always got quick response and all my question were always answered. Be sure I’ll be back if the need come again for a JDM car!”

– Nick Langlois, Cantley, Quebec

“William was nothing short of exceptional and professional in his services and turned a skeptic about importing into a more than pleased customer, the wait was all worth it to have my MR2.”

– Amjad, Edmonton, Alberta

“I bought a ‘92 Mazda Rx-7 from William at JDM connection. I was happy with the service that he gave me. I was EXTREMELY picky about what the mileage and condition of the car, and William was more then accommodating. He was very patient with me as I turned down about 40 cars before I finally found the one I bought. William Understands that the rx7 specifically has some issues with reliability (namely its rotary engine), and was very helpful with the piece of mind that the condition of the engine would be good when the car arrived in Canada…Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I have a car that in Canada would cost around $25-30,000 for UNDER $15,000! I personally like the fact that I have a Japanese super car that is actually FROM Japan! How can you get more authentic!?!?All I have to say is thanks William!”

– Jeffrey Hoy, Vernon, BC

“I bought a ‘90 Eunos Roadster off of William in June/July of ‘06. His replies to my questions were quick, informative and left me with no lingering questions. He arranged to have a mechanic correct a minor problem before I purchased the vehicle the same day I requested the work to be done. Everything from details for transfer of funds to transporting the vehicle to where I wanted it was done professionally and done in a very reasonable time (my car came ahead of schedule, actually). I’ll be purchasing my next vehicle through William as his service is exceptional and his prices are very competitive.”

– Jon McKim, Stonewall, Manitoba

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