JDM Connection is a Edmonton based JDM vehicle importer. We specialize in importing Japanese vehicles to Canada. We’re your source for top quality Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) autos. Whether you desire a sports car, truck, or sedan our staff will find you a clean, quality vehicle and won’t break the bank doing it!

We believe in a simple and easy to understand sales process with an emphasis on customer communication and interaction throughout the entire purchase experience. That belief means you never have to worry about hidden fees, strange charges or other unexplained purchasing anomalies.

We’re committed to making sure you have a smooth, transparent and easy to understand sales process so that you end up with the top quality car you desire.

Get started on finding your vehicle! Contact us or see the frequently asked questions page for answers to your most common questions, or if you’re ready to get started please see the payments and getting started page and find your car!

What’s new at JDM Connection?

Risk free import brokerage!

At JDM Connection we’re committed to satisfy the interests of all buyers and are offering a “risk free” brokerage import service. We understand that there’s some types of buyers out there that want a completely risk free experience and we’re dedicated to satisfy everyone’s needs wanting to import a vehicle from Japan.

To simplify this as much as possible, this is only a service available to Alberta buyers and a flat rate of an extra $2000.00 per vehicle. This fee includes the following:

- Us paying for the shipping from BC port to Edmonton
- Us picking the car up in Edmonton and transporting to our service centre
- Us getting all Alberta registries papers together for the out of province inspection
- Us installing compliance items such as daytime running light, etc.
- Us completing the out of province inspection and incurring all related costs to pass, Replacement of tires if worn, address any mechanical problems, etc.
- Us updating your car to an active Alberta vehicle so you can register it like any other
- 14 days free storage at our indoor / insured location in west Edmonton

Basically a “hands free” transaction and no time out of your schedule. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never exceed the max price that’s set. This is available to any of our Japan inventory, in transit vehicles, and also auction vehicles.

Payment is 50% down and 50% upon taking possession of the vehicle.

Our normal service and purchase to order for $999.00 still remains how it has always operated and nothing has changed with this. This new service is just for those who are new to the market and / or 100% need the legal assurance of having a hands off transaction with an exact figure.

We have made a nice sized parts inventory, set up a service centre in Edmonton, and hired some new employees so this can all be done as quickly and cost effectively as possible for the end buyer.

For people from outside Alberta, we can also offer all of the above, minus provincial licensing for your province. If you want to ship your car to us, we can arrange compliance and service / repairs and even airport pick up. Rates will vary depending on province, car, etc. You can even bring your car to us if you have imported elsewhere or direct from an exporter. Please contact for further details.