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    1995 Subaru WRX – Gravel Express

    Full power options and AC. EJ20G turbo, AWD. One of the rarest Subaru’s there are and likely one of the cleanest ones left in the world. Own a piece of history here! 5 speed manual transmission.

    The gravel express model is basically the Japan version of the Outback. The gravel express differs over the standard WRX with the inclusion of:

    Bull bars at the front
    External spare wheel attached to the rear tail bumper
    Increased ground clearance
    Side sill running plates

    It will be joining our Stony Plain stock around the 1st or 2nd week of July. Price includes shipping to Alberta and OOP inspection here once arrived. $1500.00 holds it and the balance after you’ve seen and test driven it.


  • Full Specifications
    • Transmission: